Announcing J&J’s VÜ LED Nicheless Pool and Spa Fixtures:
Three versions: ColorSplash VÜ - RGB 1.5" | ColorSplash VÜ - RGB-W 1.5" LED | PureWhite 1.5" LED




Color Splash: Multi-Color In-Ground Pool & Spa LED Lighting
    LXG LED Replacement Lamps
    LXG-W Series In-Ground Lamps
    LED Light Fixture

PureWhite: White In-Ground Pool & Spa LED Lighting
   PureWhite 2 LED Replacement Lamps
   LED Light Fixture

Silicone Lens Gasket
    Guardian Gasket

Fountain: Color-Changing & White LED Underwater and Wet/Dry Luminaries
   Fountain Fixtures

Portable Spa LED Lighting

VÜ LED Nicheless Pool and Spa Fixtures
ColorSplash VÜ RGB
ColorSplash VÜ RGB-W
PureWhite VÜ

ColorSplash® XG Controller
Pool Transformer


VÜ - PureWhite 1.5" LED Nicheless Pool & Spa Fixtures

VÜ - PureWhite 1.5 LED Nicheless Pool & Spa Fixtures

J&J’s PureWhite® VÜ 1.5” LED Nicheless Pool and Spa Fixtures feature cool white LEDs which boost clarity producting a “blue-water” look; enhancing pool water appearance to look clearer and cleaner. The NEW standard in white LED pool and spa lighting! The advanced PureWhite VÜ lights create the ideal pool and spa environment. Light up a spa or a pool’s steps, swimouts and water spillovers.

ColorSplash VÜ with its flush mounting is versatile, easy to install and designed to fit into most 1.5” wall fittings. It can be installed on the floor or wall of a pool, making it the perfect light for any location in a pool or spa.

PureWhite® VÜ Advantages:

  • Selectable colors and shows
  • J&J Proprietary heat sync
  • Wide angle, high output LEDs
  • Works with J&J's XG Controller
  • Synchronizes with ColorSplash XG, LXG and LXG-W Series fixtures and lamps
  • Flush mounting for versatility
  • Fits in all manufacturers 1.5" wall fittings
  • 4" minimum water depth
  • 50,000 hour lifespan
  • Industry leading 3-year warranty Quality you can rely on for years




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