Announcing J&J’s VÜ LED Nicheless Pool and Spa Fixtures:
Three versions: ColorSplash VÜ - RGB 1.5" | ColorSplash VÜ - RGB-W 1.5" LED | PureWhite 1.5" LED




Color Splash: Multi-Color In-Ground Pool & Spa LED Lighting
    LXG LED Replacement Lamps
    LXG-W Series In-Ground Lamps
    LED Light Fixture

PureWhite: White In-Ground Pool & Spa LED Lighting
   PureWhite 2 LED Replacement Lamps
   LED Light Fixture

Silicone Lens Gasket
    Guardian Gasket

Fountain: Color-Changing & White LED Underwater and Wet/Dry Luminaries
   Fountain Fixtures

Portable Spa LED Lighting

VÜ LED Nicheless Pool and Spa Fixtures
ColorSplash VÜ RGB
ColorSplash VÜ RGB-W
PureWhite VÜ

ColorSplash® XG Controller
Pool Transformer


ColorSplash VÜ - RGB 1.5" LED Nicheless Pool & Spa Fixture

ColorSplash VÜ - RGB 1.5 LED Nicheless Pool & Spa Fixture

J&J’s ColorSplash® VÜ RGB 1.5” LED Nicheless Pool and Spa Fixture offers a variety colors and shows to instantly transform any pool or spa into a custom illuminated paradise. Use it to light up a pool’s steps, swimouts and water spillovers, or accent a spa.

ColorSplash VÜ with its flush mounting is versatile, easy to install and designed to fit into most 1.5” wall fittings. It can be installed on the floor or wall of a pool, making it the perfect light for any location in a pool or spa.

ColorSplash® VÜ RGB Advantages:

  • Selectable colors and shows
  • J&J Proprietary heat sync
  • Wide angle, high output LEDs
  • Works with J&J's XG Controller
  • Synchronizes with ColorSplash XG, LXG and LXG-W Series fixtures and lamps
  • Flush mounting for versatility
  • Fits in most manufacturers 1.5" wall fittings
  • 4" minimum water depth
  • 50,000 hour lifespan
  • Industry leading 3-year warranty Quality you can rely on for years




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