Announcing J&J’s VÜ LED Nicheless Pool and Spa Fixtures:
Three versions: ColorSplash VÜ - RGB 1.5" | ColorSplash VÜ - RGB-W 1.5" LED | PureWhite 1.5" LED




Color Splash: Multi-Color In-Ground Pool & Spa LED Lighting
    LXG LED Replacement Lamps
    LXG-W Series In-Ground Lamps
    LED Light Fixture

PureWhite: White In-Ground Pool & Spa LED Lighting
   PureWhite 2 LED Replacement Lamps

   LED Light Fixture

Silicone Lens Gasket
    Guardian Gasket

Fountain: Color-Changing & White LED Underwater and Wet/Dry Luminaries
   Fountain Fixtures

Portable Spa LED Lighting

VÜ LED Nicheless Pool and Spa Fixtures
ColorSplash VÜ RGB
ColorSplash VÜ RGB-W
PureWhite VÜ

ColorSplash® XG Controller
Pool Transformer

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PureWhite® 2 Replacement LED Pool Lights

J&J's PureWhite 2 LED replacement pool and spa lamps are the brightest, most cost-effective alternative to incandescent lighting in the industry. Suitable for both commercial and residential use, they immediately reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. PureWhite 2 lamps come in three different light output equivalencies to choose from.

The 400W equivalent model uses 45W and is the best choice for all pool applications. The 300W equivalent model uses 35W and can be used in pool and spa applications.

The 100W equivalent model uses 13W and is best for spa use only. PureWhite 2 lamps utilize high performance, cool white LED's improving the appearance of pool water by producing brilliant, natural looking light.

PureWhite 2 lamps have a standard Edison base, making it easy to install into Pentair® Amerlite®/Spabrite® and Hayward® Astrolite® light fixtures in just minutes. A proprietary cooling system maximizes life and performance for up to 50,000 hours, eliminating long term maintenance costs.

PureWhite's LED technology makes them the most energy efficient and longest lasting lamps of their kind on the market. PureWhite 2 LED pool lamps are backed with an industry leading 3-year warranty (1-year for spa lamps).

Each PureWhite 2 lamp comes with a FREE long lasting Guardian™ silicone lens gasket for Pentair pool or spa lights.



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